Why do we love the sea?
It is because it has some potent power

to make us think things we like to think.
~Robert Henri

Until I wrote the first post in this series I had not heard of a “she shed”. Or maybe I had and did not comprehend the implication. I even have a board on Pinterest pinned with interesting and inspiring “barns, sheds and outbuildings”, but none of those pins had the qualifying adjective “she” in its description (although many would definitely embody the concept).

It was shortly after that first post that a “she shed” pin popped up in my Pinterest feed. And suddenly She Sheds were everywhere! There are Facebook sites, Pinterest and Hometalk boards devoted to She Sheds, and apparently soon to be (if not already) TV shows about She Sheds. Every magazine with a female audience has recent articles on She Sheds. Apparently She Sheds are the new trend. Who knew?! I finally had a definition (and justification) for my crazy venture.


After painting the new paneling, it was time to re-seat the windows.  We used a non-drying, flexible product called Mortite.


A ribbon of corded caulk was laid against the window flange.



After re-seating the windows, the excess caulk was trimmed for a clean, yet hopefully tight seal.


The rims, which actually hold the windows in place, were reinstalled on the inside for a crisp look.  What about those portholes! The windows are HUGH (and heavy!), letting a lot of natural light into the now, white interior.  The front two side windows are 3×6 and the back two are 2×5.



After the windows were completed, I primed the plywood floor …



…and painted two coats of Sherwin Williams “Surfer” (SW 6946) – the same turquoise as the exterior.


(and very close to the color of my nail polish)


Looks like a pool.  Or the sea.  Very cool and claiming.



The premise of a She Shed is to create a backyard sanctuary.  A place to escape, to getaway, to create, to rest, or simply to think.  But my girls find me.  And wait me out.


Sally has braved the gangplank and even boarded on a couple of occasions.  Lucy, my 11 year old feist who is not so agile, simply circles the boat.  Round and round, like a land shark waiting for mom to disembark and come ashore.

Up Next:  Le Sieve