Oh, the rains came down and the floods came up, The rains came down and the floods came up, The rains came down and the floods came up, And the house on the Rock stood firm. Children’s Bible Song: “The Wise Man and The Foolish Man Ann Omley, 1948

I wonder if the Cicadas were passengers on the Ark.  I marvel that they may have driven Noah a little batty with their insistent love songs. Just a thought.  For a while they definitely were a curiosity! I quickly began to lose interests after a month’s worth of their deafening, spaceship-invasion-like hum and ever present crunchiness.  I casually noticed their arrival about the time we purchased The Minnow (soon to be renamed) and moved her home.  There was one here and another there, some already leaving behind their temporary dry hull of a body — something that is not uncommon in a southern summer.  But then there were more.  And then more.

If plagues of pestilence was not enough, then came the rains.  It began raining on the Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend.  Not just a shower, but torrential down-pours.  People began to talk about flooding and comparing it to the Memorial Day flood of 1991.  Some suggested we might want to consider loading the boat two by two.  But The Minnow was taking on more water than what appeared to be falling from the sky!

Since we had removed the rims from the windows on the interior of the boat during demolition and removal of the rotten paneling, the windows were no longer flush against the exterior of the boat and the rain poured in.  At the beginning we threw down some towels, sat up buckets and Handi-man rigged a drainage system.  The next morning it was still raining with no relief in sight.  We literally emptied buckets only to have them quickly refill.  The Minnow was sinking fast!

At that point, we decided to invest in a tarp.


We were quite the site — reminded me of movies you see where people are frantically trying to prepare for a impending hurricane.  Handi-man and I out in rain jackets with hoods that would not stay put, rain pouring down the sleeves of raised arms attempting to pull a hugh tarp over the top of the boat.  We ultimately accomplished the chore, wetter than Noah ever thought to be.

For the next several weeks we would roll up the tarp, complete a task, roll the tarp back down and batten down the hatches for the next shower.  During this time we installed quarter-inch plywood (luan) and trim.  Handi-man had, prior to the rains, installed plywood decking over the separating-at-the-seams fiberglass floor.


After installing solid sheets of the quarter-inch plywood panels directly over the window openings, Handi-man then cut the openings from the outside.

DSCN3514 It was readily apparent that years of leaks had caused damage to the ply between the fiberglass.

DSCN3553 In an effort to prevent additional leaks around the windows and continued damage to the fiberglass ply, caulk was applied liberally into and around the window openings.

DSCN3555 Most recently the new paneling received a coat of primer and two coats of white paint.  She’s beginning to sparkle!



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