dimin′ishing returns′
n. any rate of profit, production, benefits, etc., that beyond a certain point fails to increase proportionately with added investment, effort, or skill.

Woodland Tree
I read a lot of blogs on the subjects of home decor, DIYing, renovation, restoration and preservation of old homes, and re-purposing yesterday’s “junk” into tomorrow’s treasures.  Since before Thanksgiving, most blogs began the onslaught of all things Christmas.  It is all so beautiful, but often overwhelming – just attempting to “ready” ourselves for Christmas.

Indeed, the tree was erected at The Farmhouse before Thanksgiving and additional Christmas decor continued to be added in the couple weeks thereafter.  My own home also received it’s toned-down Christmas dressings immediately after Thanksgiving.  And while I would love to add more decor to both homes, at some point one must stop and realize that what goes up, must come down.

And so it is at Milford Springs.  The stockings have been hung, the greens have been flung and we await the arrival of Christmas and of the children traveling home from afar.  We will share laughter, food and drink, we will tell a story, a tale or two, and enjoy each others company.  There is nothing more that need be added to welcome the season of Advent, other than the love and fellowship of family.

Merry Christmas
The Farmhouse at Page Farms