A situation comedy, often shortened to sitcom, is a genre of comedy that features characters sharing the same common environment … with often humorous dialogue. -Wikipedia

Family reunion. A cast of characters in an ongoing comedic series. Episodes air annually. Same date, same time, same station.  This year’s installment of the Tennyson Family Reunion aired at The Farmhouse on September 14, 2013.  Ranging in age from one to 93, thirty-eight cast members gathered.  The weather cooperated, casting a backdrop for a perfect day.  Old stories were retold and new memories were made, all played in front of a live audience.  Many laughs and great fun was exhibited by all.  Stay tuned for next year’s episode: September 13, 2014.

Following the family gathering, Sistah and I became the first overnight guests of The Farmhouse in almost three years.  The old house was a gracious host to our Sister Sneak Out.

We put up our feet, picked up a book, shared a few secrets and reminisced about the day and family. Then we crawled under old quilts on a cool September night and slept-in the next morn.

Quiet.  Peaceful.  A place to which we will return often.