A man’s house is his castle. ~James Otis

Handi-man and I figuratively “mopped” ourselves out the back door of The Farmhouse this past weekend, having completed the final room, The Center Hall.  Granted, there are touch ups to be made and a mantle to build and one more set of windows to complete; but officially, every room is now habitable.

This is the room in November of 2010, shortly after our initial invasion:

Even with the door open on a brilliant fall day, the room was a dungeon.

Here is the same room today, same angle:

What an amazing difference!  No filters or editing have been applied to either of the above photos in order to render a true depiction of the change.

Here are a few more photos of the transformation:

With exception of the wrought-iron daybed which was purchased for $50.00, the ticking mattress purchased from Pottery Barn (the one splurge for this room), and the throw pillows purchased here and there over the past two-and-a-half years, the remaining furnishings were gifted or are on loan to The Farmhouse; including these salvaged choir chairs – remnants from a church on the Mississippi Gulf Coast destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Now to add a gallery photo wall, some time-worn treasures, and a host of family and make this house a home.