The dream was always running ahead of me.
To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it,that was the miracle.
~Anais Nin

Front Porch
The lack of posts over the past several weeks does not equate to the lack of work ongoing at the old homeplace.  After family gathered for Memorial Day, Handi-Man and I have been occupied with completing the one remaining room, the Center Hall, and various other projects.

The walls and trim of the Center Hall have received fresh coats of paint which have transformed, brighten and visually enlarged that once dark dungeon.  Screen doors have been hung and the familiar ssssswwwhhooooppp! can now be heard each time someone enters or exits. (A few embellishments to the screen doors are in the works, to be revealed soon.)  Currently, I am working on the final remaining windows – a single in the Center Hall and double windows in The Eddie (dining room).

Again, so close.  And yet….

In the meantime, it is overdue that I catch up on some “thank yous” to some kindred hearts who follow this blog (and its Facebook page) and who share my affinity to all things vintage.

First, here is a little happy that was sent to me by a local friend:


Isn’t she lovely. And so intricate!  I can only imagine the time involved  in the creation of this little treasure.  And oh, the stories that are her heritage. Thanks Deb Hannon Franks Bonds, for this wonderful gift to The Farmhouse.

These treasures were gifted to The Farmhouse by the mother of my eldest daughter’s feller:

small dough bowl

small dough bowl

metal dog treats bucket - all dogs welcomed!

metal dog treats bucket – all dogs welcomed!

vintage kitchen utensils

vintage kitchen utensils

Janet has a booth at a local flea market and shares my love for all things old and unique.  She always sends the same message with each gift: “You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.”  OH! But they are perfect! Thank you Janet Cox for sharing your treasures.  Everything will fit perfectly!

There are others who have gifted various items to The Farmhouse, many of which are boxed up, waiting to find a special place once the rooms are complete.

In addition to being a family gathering / guest overflow, The Farmhouse has become a life-size playhouse.  A place that we can stage with vintage finds – treasures that we might not be able to include in bulk in our own live-in homes.  The Farmhouse is the perfect capsule to contain these forgotten gems.  Thank you ladies for seeing the vision and sharing the dream.