PagesExcept for the two spouses taking this picture and my dad and step-mom (away due to an impromptu illness), The Pages gathered on the annual First Sunday in May. The old house was habitable and Grandmother’s table was once again full.

Record SettingDuring the weeks leading up to this day, we had worked to install additional fans to keep air circulating and keep the house cool, but none were needed as we experienced record breaking maximum high cool temps (not lows). Instead of fans, we had to plug in and turn on heaters!

Kiddos2 (2)The kids didn’t seem to care about the sprinkles and cool temps. They played outside, grabbed hot wire fences and slipped and fell in the mud, much like we did when we played at Gramps and Grandmothers.

Allie VeeThe youngest Page, Allie Vee, got kissed and juggled …


Carolyn (Bunk) Page and Allie Vee

and rocked and held.


Descendents of William H. (Bunk) Page

and cousins reunited and reminisced.


Descendents of James Ray Page