Motivation [n.] the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action.
motivation >noun  1 the reason or reasons behind one’s actions or behavior.  2 enthusiasm.


The Farmhouse is gearing up to host its next family gathering.  As I have previously penned, the Pages have gathered for years on the First Sunday in May to remember those who have passed on, and in particular those who are interned at Rutledge Salem Cemetery.  In the years before Grandmother’s passing, the Pages always gathered at The Farmhouse (then, termed “Grandmother’s”) on this Memorial / Homecoming Sunday.  It has been my dream, since we first entered the old house in October of 2010, that we once again gather there.

So it is to be this year, some two and a half years after the dream was birthed.  The only room left untouched, where no repairs have been made, is what I now call, the Center Hall.  It is in the center of the house, and all rooms but a couple can be accessed through it. During our restoration / preservation efforts over the last two plus years, we have stored our tools and supplies and some furniture in this room.  We have worked all around this room, working our way out the back door.

This room was one of the ugliest of all the rooms when we entered the house in the Fall of 2010.  It had been painted a dark red, followed by coat of dark, hunter green. Neither color reached the top of the 10-foot ceiling.  With its one window off the side porch, it was (is) dark and, well – just ugly!

Center Hall B4

Two weekends ago, Handi-man and I cleared the room of all stored furniture, tools and supplies, making it accessible to cleaning and prepping for it’s much needed rehabilitation.

This past weekend, however, as Handi-man worked at this and that, I could not garner the enthusiasm to turn my hand at much of anything.  I am so eager to move forward with the completion of this final room, yet I wasted the day. The motivation, the need to make use of the time allotted was present, but my enthusiasm was very much lacking.

Hopefully this upcoming weekend will cooperate with sun and warmth, and my enthusiasm will be renewed.  Although we will not complete the Center Hall in time for the Page Homecoming, my goal is to at least clean and prep the walls and ceiling for a coat or two (maybe more) of Primer.  Anything to dispel the gloom, and offer a glimpse of what the room will be.