Okay readers, we need your help.  Eldest daughter is in the process of compiling a collection of “rules” that every Farm Chick (that’s how we females refer to ourselves at Page Farms) should follow; i.e., axioms to live by — A Farm Chick Rule Book.  We’ve gather a few rules, but we want your input.  And yes, you Rooster’s may chime crow in.  But be careful, you know who rules the roost!

Your submissions can be serious or funny, and may include old wives’ tales or advice that your mom, grand-mom or great-grand-mom may have handed down to you about life on the farm and/or “making do”.  You may submit more than one “rule”, tale or advice – as many as you want, really.  Just leave a comment on this post or on the Facebook link.

Any submission by you will be deemed as permission to use your “rule”.  We reserve the right to reject, delete and will monitor all comments.  If we use your submission in the compilation, we would like to give you credit by using your name, your location (if known/given) and/or origin.

Look forward to reading your submissions.