Due to preparations for the holidays, extended holiday gatherings and nasty wet and/or cold weather, very little progress was made at The Farmhouse during the month of December.


Early in the month we caulked and finished the baseboards in The Bunkhouse (bedroom), added (some) furniture, and refinished and installed a peculiarity – a swinging door.


We’ve pondered how the swinging door, with its heavy duty spring-locking system, came to be installed in the old house.  It is unique to all the other doors with their traditional hinges and knobs.  It could be that my grandfather (Gramps) was a bit of a barterer and he traded something for the door (one time taking an old table – still in the family today – for egg money, much to my grandmother’s dismay). Or maybe he was today’s equivalent of a DIY architectural salvage-repurposer.

No doubt that the old house is full of “make-do” construction – then and now – and is one of the many reasons to preserve This Old Farmhouse.  In 2013 may we all take a lesson from my grandparents frugality: Make Do.