Partridge in a Dogwood TreeThe shortest day / longest night of the year has passed and the earth continues to rotate on her axis, in her orbit despite someone’s interpretation of the Mayan calendar.  I’ve made all the lists and checked them twice, bought the groceries and begun the cycles of meal preparations.  The eldest is home with one grand-puppy, and the youngest and her hubby and pups will arrive after Christmas, rounding out the number of canines equal to the number of humans in the Daniel Home. Somewhere in the midst I plan to rest, take a few days from smiling and nodding pleasantries at the public.

Today, I stole away to the farmhouse and sat for a moment in the sunshine streaming through old wavy glass of recently restored windows, savoring the warmth on a winter chilled day.  Dust motes twinkled in the sunlight as silence prevailed.  Peace.

Over the next few days, I encourage you to find a time or more to steal away to a place of quiet and reflect on Peace.

The LORD your God is with you,
    he is mighty to save.
Zeph 3:17