Nope. Nothing much new to report. Still working on four windows. Weather and circumstances have hampered their completion.

The weekend before last was drizzly, nasty, and cool.  In observance of our anniversary, Handi-man and I took the day off from farmhouse preservation.  This past balmy, mid-80 degree Saturday, I finally put paint on the lower sashes of the hopefully, soon to be completed windows (I keep saying that!).  Handi-man and I then shuffled furniture and furnishings out of The Bunkhouse in order to stain the floor and complete that room.  Once the bedroom is completed, furniture and furnishings can finally be distributed and placed in at least two rooms. Kind of exciting to see the rooms completed and come to life.

Upcoming (hopefully to be completed this year):

  • weather stripping and stops to complete four windows in den
  • touch ups to door trim, baseboards and walls
  • stain and poly applied to the Bunkhouse floor
  • baseboard trim installed in Bunkhouse
  • flooring installed in The Eddie (dining room), plus stain and poly followed by baseboards

After the completion of this little punch list, we will have one untouched room, the Center Hall, left to do.  Quite a lot accomplished in 24 months time!

What once was old is new again.