The signora distinctly wrote, South rooms, with a view and close together,
instead of which she has given us North rooms without a view and a long way apart.
~Charlotte Bartlett, “A Room with a View”

My grandmother, Cleo Tennyson Page, who occupied the old house from 1944 until shortly before her passing in 2005, was a bit of a busybody. She was always involved in the occurrences of her neighbors and family who lived within close proximity, always curious about their comings and goings. When she could not ascertain what her neighbors were up to, she often improvised her own version of their goings-on. Some of her stories were quite bizarre.

And no wonder! The old farmhouse had huge windows, and lots of them. The house affords a panoramic view in any direction, north, east, south or west and all coordinates in between, depending on the room in which you are stationed. One would be hard pressed not to be curious with so much to observe!

I am currently working on windows Nos. 11-14 (17 total in the house) in the den/family room – windows that face north / northwest. This past Saturday I dropped the bottom sashes into the window frames and just tacked them in order to remove the plastic that had covered the north facing windows and to stop the breezes that were once welcomed in warmer degrees only a month ago. Hopefully this coming weekend I can complete the priming and painting step, add the here-to-now, non-existent weatherstripping, and finally, the window stops. These windows can then be deemed ready to supply future generations with a view of the world. Oh, the tales yet to be told.