What is the goal? A house that is like the life that goes with it,
a house that gives us beauty as we understand it –
and beauty of a nobler kind that we may grow to understand.
~ Elsie de Wolfe

After the frenzied “get-as-much-ready-as-possible” pace leading up to the recent gathering of Tennysons at The Farmhouse, this past weekend was subdued.  I returned to my favorite pastime — restoring windows.  I had thought I might someday write a blog, a tutorial of sorts, delineating the steps involved in the restoration of old wood windows. Not that it’s not already been done, nor that anyone would care; it’s just such a labor intensive process – one that may should be documented. Failing in words, I may simply be silent and allow the windows to give tribute to their lasting beauty.

While painstaking and extremely exhausting, there is much satisfaction in seeing old wood (heart pine) that looks to be beyond repair, reveal it’s beauty beneath peeling, chipping paint. It is also disheartening to find that where no paint or preservative remained, rot rushed in.  Through the stripping, sanding, filling in, shoring up, caulking, priming and painting process-es, the windows are one-by-one, being restored to their close-to-new condition.

It is my now goal to completely finish to working order the windows in the den/family room.  Two double windows. Four windows in all. They are at present in various stages of the process.  Time, muscle and diligence. That’s all the goal requires.