Well Granny change your apron and Willie shine your shoes
Sally put your new dress on, we got no time to lose
Gotta find that welcome mat and spread it out with cheer
I don’t know yet just who they are, can’t pick ’em out from here,
But we got company comin’, yeah there’s company comin’,

We got company comin’ up the road.

“Company’s Company” by Faron Young
performed by Porter Wagoner here on YouTube

Over the past few days, a last ditch effort was made to complete just a few additional projects before the Tennyson’s arrive at The Farmhouse tomorrow. Handi-man laid the plank floor, and stained and applied poly to it. The old door was been moved to its new location on the front.  Today the grounds were groomed (mowed), the privy was given a touch up, and the welcome mat has been spread.