When I started this blog about the restoration / preservation efforts of my grandparents old home, I did not know (still do not) a lot about the blog world. It was more a journal, a way to corral my visions as well as the progress made on the old house.  I had read (still do) several blogs of women who were involved in similar projects – restoring and/or preserving homes, as well as those who were DIYers, those who were very crafty and those who had a similar taste in decor.

But of all the blogs I read, only one took the time to show an interest in what I was blogging about. Her first comment on my blog was “you have me hooked and now I have to go back and read all your posts.”  I was blow away.  Really?!?  Someone (other than my family and friends) out in blog-land was interested in my posts!

Deborah of The Fairfield House often comments on my posts, and her comments, like her blog, are refreshing and insightful.  She has been an encouragement and inspiration to me as I look forward to each of her posts and comments.

Deborah is offering four giveaways of some pretty awesome items – and not just one item, but more a whole grouping of items.  For entry, please see her blog here:  Giveaway #1, Giveaway #2, Giveaway #3 and Giveaway #4.

And while you’re over there, check out this wonderful site – it makes for a good read.

Thank you Deborah at The Fairfield House for your encouragement and inspiration to this blogger.