A goal is a dream with a deadline. ~Napolean Hill

This weekend marked the second to the last before the old (unfinished) house plays host to a bunch of Tennyson descendents.  I worked alone Saturday, my hours and hands employed in the stripping layers of old (probably lead) paint from the remaining set of windows in the den.  I was able to caulk the windows and, with Handi-man’s arrival late in the day, shore up a sagging upper sash.

And that pretty much was it.  Window restoration takes an inordinate amount of time and effort. By the time I was half way through the stripping process, I was ready to quit and move on to more rewarding and productive projects (like putting the Ironstone on the new shelves in the Galley).  But plug away I did, and they are now ready to be primed – on the inside (still lots of work to do on the outside).  Hopefully I can get a coat of primer (and maybe paint) on the windows one afternoon after work which will allow Handi-man opportunity to install the flooring.

Today, after worship, I played for a little while in the kitchen.  I unboxed and unwrapped treasures (Ironstone dishes) and put them on the new shelves.  Got to spruce up a bit.  Company’s comin’!