Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.
-Winston Churchill

There simply is not enough hours in the day, especially on a weekend.  I always have grandiose ideas about what should can be accomplished in the hours allotted. The ambition seems realistic at the time the proposed tasks are hastily written down (no one else understands my writing or my thinking), but at the end of the day, there is always something left dangling.  Something left undone.  Unfinished.

Yet Another Set of Windows

Such was my list for Saturday.  I realized I would not get the entire listed completed.  It was, as usual, a list of things left over, undone projects from another weekend’s labors, along with items that I’d like to see completed started.   At the end of Saturday, after working on several projects – waiting on shelving to dry, while beginning yet another set of windows – nothing could be checked off the list.  I did get a final coat of paint on the shelving boards before locking it all done Saturday afternoon.  But I am determined. That, and I wanted to see the open shelves installed in the kitchen.

Primed & Painted Shelving

Sunday morning, after a late breakfast of pancakes (which was about all we could find to eat in the house), we made our way back up to farmhouse and, Handi-man and I working along side our eldest, installed the shelving boards atop wrought iron brackets purchased many months ago.

With three brains cyphering the distance between brackets and the space between the shelving, another item on the list was off checked.

And then we got a little goofy…

Handi-man says I’m working him like a borrowed mule.  That don’t look like no mule!  Looks like he is about ready to be in checked!