My greatest challenge in writing a post is giving it a title. Sometimes I have several ideas from which to pick, and have difficulty narrowing the choice down to one. Other times a title completely eludes me. At such times when I am unable to decide on a title, my thoughts are scattered.  It’s as if the title of the post captures all my thoughts and places them under its wing.  Such is the instance.

This weekend was crazy busy with numerous tasks. Beans to pick and break. Corn to shuck and cut. All to be preserved for winter’s fare.  The eldest, home for the weekend, and I grabbed a few hours to run up to the farmhouse (actually we drove – all of a half mile), and finished stripping and sanding the two front windows in the den. They are now ready for glazing putty, caulk, primer and paint.

During the week, Handi-man did get the kitchen sink plumbed, but that “Next Up” list from last weekend did not otherwise get touched.  It’s the little details that take up so much time, but make all the difference.