I worked Monday of last week and was then off for the remainder.  Throughout the week, Handi-man and I worked at the farmhouse finishing up some jobs and prepping for others.

On the Saturday before my hiatus from my paying job, Handi-man and I cut 6″x8′ boards from plywood for the kitchen floor (see previous post utilizing this method), after which I put a second coat of flat white on the streaky den ceiling while he sanded the 24 boards.  The proverb learned from that day is, “many trips up and down a ladder to paint a 10-foot ceiling makes old lady’s knees ache and swell”.  They plagued me for the remainder of the week and are not the same a week latter!

On Monday I caulked while Handi-man installed the wood planks as flooring in The Galley.

On Tuesday I painted the trim that I’d caulked the day before as Handi-man stained the wood plank flooring. The Galley now lacks a poly-sealer and then baseboards and will be deemed complete.

And all the while it rained.

We later that day picked peas and beans in the rain and then began the process on Wednesday and Thursday of preserving them for the winter’s fare.

This past weekend we cleared the dining room (The Eddie) of all tools, supplies and items stored there as it will be the focus of our upcoming efforts as we work our way out the side door.

One of the home’s treasures is this old chippy, embellished door with old wavy glass which is slated to become the new front door, replacing the 1970’s model that currently greets those that enter there.  Matching french doors will be installed in this opening and it’s twin in the adjoining Center Hall.

Footnote: I am more than eager to get a coat of primer on those dark periwinkle blue walls and ceiling! Yep. Even the ceiling is currently coated in this depressing color.

And today. Well, today was Monday and I returned to the real world.