Early Morning Sun

It’s hot. Apparently everywhere. As my blogger friend and old-house restoration enthusiast, Deborah up at The Fairfield House in New Jersey, recently said, The summer heat slows the pace of everything, except the rate of growth of my lawn and garden, the amount due on our electric bill, and the mass production of saber toothed green heads (aka horse flies) and mosquitoes (aka NJ state bird).  It’s not that we have less to do but that we are less inclined to do it. I wholeheartedly agree.

I knew it was coming, but still I am not prepared. It’s like I forget how hot a southern summer can be. How breath taking – literally.  The Northern Solstice (commonly, Summer Solstice) made its annual astronomical pilgrimage this past week and brought with it Heat and Humidity to stay for the next three to four months.

For the past couple weeks no work has ensued at The Farmhouse due to the heat, humidity and hospital (another story).  This weekend, instead of watching paint attempt to dry in 90+ degree heat, I took the opportunity to stay in my air-conditioned live-in house and put things in order.  It was long overdue and required a day just to pick up the clutter.   Now if it’ll just stay that way, at least for a little while.