A flash of color beneath the sky.
Hats off! The flag is passing by.
-Henry Holcomb Bennett

Quail in Dogwood Tree at Page Farms

My long, Memorial Day weekend was spent working at the farmhouse. Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Mr. Bob White was my companion during lunch break Saturday.

I had thought I would finish the almost finished windows in the Bunkhouse (bedroom) on Saturday. Although I did give them a coat of paint, both inside and out, they still lack weatherstripping and stops. Hopefully I can complete those soon.

On Sunday, I finished painting the remaining cabinets (barn red), gave the cabinet facings a coat of wax and piddled here and there.

lined with pages from book of recipes

Handi-man, who had taken his talents on the road to our daughters earlier in the week, returned home Sunday afternoon. We made much progress in the Galley (kitchen) on Monday by completing the installation of the counter-top, the farmhouse (apron front) sink, giving all the cabinet doors and drawers a coat of clear wax, re-attaching the pulls and hinges to the doors and then the doors to the facings. At some point I’ll post Before and After photos of this room. Suffice it to say that it is much improved with it’s barn red cabinetry with black hardware, and white beadboard and buttercup yellow walls.

I polled the Farm Chicks of the family as to what to do with the space beneath the sink: cabinet doors or skirt. Any opinions? (I’ll post results.)

Up next: flooring in the Galley and then moving into The Eddie (dining room). The Eddie? That’s a story for another day.