I dream of painting and then I paint my dream. -Vincent Van Gogh

What is it about all those paint chips and paint color names?  I obsess and stress over the perfect color choice.  Is it too pink? too yellow? too ashy? too light? too dark?  Since this project’s inception, I’ve taken two choices of paint back to have them re-tinted.  A blue that was to white, and a red that was too pink.  The “perfect” color can be elusive.  It may look totally different on a 10 foot wall, compared to that tiny little chip in the paint store.  But, the choices have been made and application has begun.  The vision I dreamed a year and a half ago is beginning to materialize.

Saturday was “grab a paint brush (or a roller) and paint something” day at the farmhouse. I put a second coat of “buttercup yellow” (as my mother termed it) on the upper four foot of the galley (kitchen), and the first coat of white on the lower six.  Cassie (eldest) painted the cabinet doors (two coats) and I got one coat of the barn red on the cabinet face.  Handi-man Jack painted the family room (den) with a first coat of Valspar’s “Cream in My Coffee”. At the end of the day we were all pooped to the point of delirium.  We shared a good laugh or two as my brain refused to cooperate with my tongue. Nord Lo!  Too many paint fumes.

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On Mother’s Day I was presented with a beautiful necklace with two charms, a bee and a “D”, from my eldest; and a book from my Amazon Wish-List, Farm Anatomy – The Curious Parts & Pieces of Country Life, by Julia Rothman, from my youngest and her husband.  I have the most beautiful, awesome, thoughtful, creative children. They flatter me with the most beautiful sentiments in their cards.  How is it possible that out of all the children in the world, I got the best ones?