I’m a desk sitter. It has been my vocation my entire adult life. And while mental fatigue can be as draining as physical exertion, there’s a lot to be said for sore muscles after a day of physical labor – particularly labor that, at the end of the day, demonstrates the efforts of hard work.

My new desk-sitting job earned me a much needed day off on Good Friday. Instead of working at the farmhouse, Cassie (eldest) and I went treasure hunting – or junkin’ as we term the experience. We visited our favorite local spots, picking up a few pieces that caught our eye. We finished the day with a pedicure and ice cream. A girl’s day out.

Handi-man also had an impromptu junkin’ experience when he happened upon and purchased this homemade mantle for $10.00! One down and one to go.

On Saturday, Handi-man and I donned our work wear and headed to the farmhouse. I added additional caulk to the beadboard in the kitchen and filled in the screw-holes in the flooring in the privy. During the week, Handi-man had installed the toilet, sink and hot water heater, and after a year and five months, we have a working bathroom (albeit no door yet).  The before and after photos show the much improved facilities.

We were able to get the one sheet of drywall up in the kitchen which is now ready for mudding,  sanding and painting, and picked up all the scrap material lying around and threw it on the burn pile.

Late in the day we had a large bonfire.

I arose this Easter morning with welcomed sore muscles that bring to remembrance the accomplishments of yesterday.