If you google “record breaking” at this juncture in history, the top results will reveal that March of 2012 was the warmest on record. April 1st began by setting records  in many areas and the month of April is predicted to be another record breaker.

Here in Milford Springs, trees, flowers, grass and other vegetation leapt into production about a month ahead of schedule.  Record pollen count gave an early dusting causing much havoc with allergy sufferers.  Yards have already had to be mowed weeks earlier than previous years — some multiple times.




Red Bud

Nature gave a freak show of an extended hail storm the last day of March
with hail catapulting from the heavens for what seemed like half an hour.

Then this eerily beautiful fog / mist kept coming up from the woods,
dissipating and rolling in again.

all that white stuff is hail

Handi-Man has continued work at the farmhouse over the past weeks.  So many projects are in progress at the same time, yet I’m reluctant to post photos until the finished dream is realized and can be revealed. Handi-Man says it is his desire to make my dreams come true – at least as it relates to my visions of what the farmhouse can be. And he’s doing a pretty darn good job of it too! By the end of this week, we should have a working Privy!  The following photos are sneak peaks of the elements incorporated into the new and improved outhouse!

Sneak peak of the flooring in Privy

Stay tuned for a complete Privy reveal soon!