whew: (noun) a whistling sound or a sound like a half-formed whistle uttered as an exclamation—used interjectionally chiefly to express amazement, discomfort, or relief

The weeks after Thanksgiving, and leading up to and following Christmas are always a  whirlwind of activity. As stated in my previous post, we all enter this season anticipating many things. One thing that I had looked forward to during my brief time off from work was, maybe, a little rest.  Yet, at the same time, I had a mental list of tasks that I wanted to accomplish. Quite the paradox.  In the end, neither expectation has been fully attained.

Every year I work myself up into a frenzy getting ready for the culmination of The Day, often with emotions brimming close to the top, on the brink of spilling over.  Once The Day arrives, all of our gatherings of extended kin have been concluded and we are finally left to just immediate family.  It is usually at this juncture that I relax.

And so it seemed as, on the day after Christmas, my children, Handi-man and I converged on the farmhouse to begin to put down flooring in the bunkhouse.  We made  good progress, but were not able to finish the project in one day (more on that project in my next post).  On returning home, we were met with two very muddy dogs.  We are not sure exactly what happened, but suspect that our Feist, Lucy, had a seizure and our rescued stray, Sally, attacked her, as will often happen in / with seizure dogs.  Lucy, who has had seizures since the age of one (she is now nearing eight), was beat up rather extensively with bites to the neck, left shoulder and right hip.  Both our dogs are “momma’s girls” and I took up sleeping on the couch each night while Lucy lay in a chair beside me, convalescing.  On Wednesday night I despaired that she might not live as she was lethargic and breathing heavily. In the first days following the attack, she was barely able to stand, and had to be picked up to eat, drink, or go outside.

Mom's playing doctor again!

On Thursday, I was required to leave her in my eldest daughter’s care as Handi-man was scheduled for surgery for removal of a herniated cervical disc.  We returned home on Friday to a much improved Lucy. She was getting up somewhat on her own and trotting around the yard, almost back to normal.  Today, almost a week later, she still has some infection in a few of the deeper wounds on her shoulder, but we are treating those aggressively with antibiotics and repeated cleansing and applications of a topical.  Handi-man, too, is recuperating although his recovery will require a bit more time.

Last night, for the first time in almost a week, I rested.  Tomorrow I return to work.  I’ve not accomplished near the enumerated items on my mental list.  But, this is a new year and I have 364 days remaining to complete those tasks.

The past tense of whew?  ….ahh!