In the restoration of the farmhouse, I have sought inspiration and advice from many sources. One source has been Pinterest where I can “pin” ideas and inspiration of others onto category “boards” of my making. One such pin was of a DIY blogger at Quarry Orchard who cut strips from 4×8 sheets of plywood, for plank flooring at a total project cost of approximately $1 per square foot.

As we wanted the floors of the farmhouse to be rustic, yet functional; and since we are all about economy in the process, we decided to try this idea.  Our experiment began in the bunkhouse (bedroom) which is approximately 224 square feet.  We cut strips of 6-inch wide, 8-foot long boards from seven 4×8 sheets of 15/32 plywood with a circular saw, using a guide on the saw (=56 boards). We then used palm and orbital sanders to bump off any rough areas on the tops (best side) and sides of each board.  Cutting the boards as needed, we applied decking adhesive and screwed the boards onto the subfloor for a random appearance. We used pennies for spacing to allow for any expansion.  Some of the boards were warped, but the glue and screws held them down beautifully.

We plan to utilize this flooring throughout the entire house.  In this room and most others, I plan to stain and seal the boards.  In the privy (bath) and galley (kitchen) I plan to paint or whitewash the boards.  The desire is for an authentic old house, rustic appearance on the cheap.  This method meets all criteria.

Getting the boards cut, sanded and installed in this room, took about 10 hours over a couple of days with a host of hands on deck (no pun intended).  Cassie, Callie and Garreth pitched in on various flooring duties while home for the holidays.

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At present we have moved all the items of furniture previously stored in the den into the bunkhouse so that work can begin work in that room.  At some point in the future, on a warmer day, we will stain and seal the floor and I will post a finished product.