When I left off my last ramblings, I expressed disappointment in the concentration of blue in the paint I had chosen for the bunkhouse.  Lowe’s was gracious to attempt to darken the color, explaining that the base is an “ultra white” and heavy tinting or even darkening would be difficult. In other words, there was simply not enough room in the bucket to add enough color to make a great deal of difference.

The color I had chosen was Valspar’s Homestead Resort Sky Blue (#7004-5). It is part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation collection.  Not that that was the reason that I chose it. I simply wanted something light blue, with the lack of a gray or green tint. But it was so ultra light.  The young lady at Lowe’s added two shots of blue to my remaining paint in an attempt to strengthen the concentration of the hue.

Handi-man and I repainted this past Saturday and this time the paint dried darker and was much closer to the color that I had envisioned. It’s still light and not even evident in this picture, but the room is now definitely blue – albeit a very light blue.

We also continued restoration of the window in the above picture by installing the repaired, salvaged upper sash and getting a coat of primer on the bare wood.  The windows were thirsty for paint and will require another coat.  Handi-man has been working on repairing the two bottom sashes, filling in large voids of rotted wood with wood filler and glue.  Soon all four windows in the bunkhouse will be back to working order.

This room is now ready for flooring and in a few days we are expecting an influx of workers (family) to help with this task.