Someone ought tell Weather that this is the south and it’s not yet winter. We’ve had two snows this season, one in November right after Thanksgiving and then another yesterday. I realize we are in a cycle (“El” somethingorother), but of recent our winters seem to come earlier and be more intense. We had more snow (numbers and accumulations) last winter than I ever remember; but at least they waited until the advent of winter. While this season’s two snows have only been significant dustings, it does not bode well for what may yet come.

This past Saturday’s weather was brilliant, yet cool.  It was warm enough to paint the bunkhouse ceiling and walls.  I am a few inches taller than my Farm Chick Sister who had previously primed the ceiling. With my 5 foot 4 frame standing on 5 foot scaffolding while painting a 10 foot ceiling, my unadorned short, spiky hair acted as a stippling brush.  I think I had as much paint in my hair as I put on the ceiling.

The walls were much easier to paint.  From the beginning, I have envisioned a very light blue for this room. I can imagine beautiful old tattered, multi-colored quilts against this backdrop. However, after painting one coat of the color of choice and expecting it to dry darker than what it went on, I was disappointed that the light blue was more light than blue. It was almost white, and little to no contrast was evident in the walls and the trim. So, it’s back to Lowe’s to see if they can will re-tint, or at least darken, my remaining paint in an attempt to achieve the effect that I desire.  Guess this next work day will be spent applying a second, hopefully darker, shade of light blue.