Page Farm Chicks

Except for my daughter and son-in-law who live in Richmond, Virginia, my entire family gathered in our home on Thanksgiving day for much food and fellowship. My sister joined me for an extended stay on Wednesday night.  We began by baking pies, and then resumed our cooking early on Thursday morning as we prepared a feast for our combined families: children, parents, in-laws. And four dogs.

On Friday, my sister, daughter and I avoided the Black-Friday crowds by shopping our one-signal-light hometown and the surrounding small municipalities. Later that night we began Christmas craft projects for gift giving.

Saturday dawned beautiful as we resumed work at the farmhouse.  Pam and Handi-man Jack sanded the remainder of the bunkhouse as I worked on stripping two window sashes in the seventy-plus degree November sun.  They then were able to get a coat of primer on the bunkhouse walls.  I was giddy from the excitement of it all! Now I’m ready to buy paint!

I knew that weather could not, would not continue to cooperate as Winter was lurking around the corner. It began to rain Saturday night, and Sunday was just a dreary, nasty day.  Now the weather experts are predicting an “early season winter storm”.  A far cry from the past few days of sunshine and warmth.

I’m dreading winter and yet it seems intent on arriving earlier than is necessary.  This does not bode well for my winter doldrums.  I am already yearning for the sun and warmer temperatures to return.  Winter to me is akin to serving a prison sentence while x-ing off the days on a calendar.  I can only look forward to the end of the incarceration and hope that there are a few rays of sunlight in between.