“Savings” when used as an adjective (i.e., daylight savings) means to prevent waste of a particular resource – in this case Daylight.  So, why on earth are we temporarily terminating this natural resource, only to be without it for the next four months?

The proclamation of the day is that Daylight Savings Time Has Ended.  There will be no more of that silly notion of saving Daylight, at least not again until next March 11, 2012, when we lose the hour that we supposedly gained today.  Twice a year we’re forced to adjust our sleep habits and synchronize our biological and digital clocks – which by the way, my OCD, special needs dog does not understand!

Quite frankly, I was just fine with saving Daylight and leaving my clocks set as they were.  As it is now, it’ll soon be dark when I leave my paying job each day.  Goodbye to those remaining daylight hours after work when I could run up to the farmhouse and put in a glass and apply glazing putty.

The end of Daylight is Dark and I do not cherish it.

On another more cheerful, less depressing note, I do believe our Fall has been the most colorful, beautiful Fall in some time. Here is a photo taken Saturday morning through the twin kitchen windows of the farmhouse, looking east.  Framed it all it’s glory is one of two old majestic oak trees. One day as we were working on the farmhouse my Dad says, “While you are documenting all this, be sure and tell about the twin oaks.” I’m like, “Okay, so what’s their story.” I thought he might tell me he planted the two oaks similar to his setting out the many cedars around the old homeplace. Instead, he replied, “I don’t know, they are just two large, old oaks.” Gee Daddy, could you not come up with a better story than that?!?

The photo below is taken through one of the three kitchen windows facing north.  The condensation on the panes give the photos and their subjects a nice effect.

Jack and I worked at the farmhouse on this picturesque Saturday, taking advantage of the warm sun and utilizing the waning saved Daylight hours. On Sunday we pulled the old blue (no longer running) GMC truck down to the farmhouse for a little Fall yard art.  One day this week after I get off from work, I want to add some hay and pumpkins. That is, if I can find any left over Daylight.