anniversary >noun (pl. anniversaries) the date on which an event took place in a previous year. – ORIGIN from Latin anniversarius ‘returning yearly’.

Jack & Deb

Twenty-eight years ago today, on an equally brilliant Fall Saturday, I married my protagonist – my leading man, the champion of my cause, the hero of my story. Together we have written many remarkable chapters of the life we have made. As the composition is penned I look forward to growing old with thee, for the best is yet to be.

...the best is yet to be.

photos by Kim Cox Photography

Another noteworthy anniversary is the celebration of the birth of Jack’s Aunt Callie Eutrene Daniel Lawrence – more affectionately known as Nonnie. She is 85 on October 30th. Truly a lady of noble character, she has touched many lives during her 85 years and is loved by all who know her. She instilled in my husband the qualities and traits of the godly man he is today. Our youngest daughter is named in her honor (Callie Jean Daniel). Happy Birthday Nonnie!

Callie Eutrene Daniel Lawrence - "Nonnie"

Finally, it was a year ago this weekend that we first began actual restoration efforts on the farmhouse. Handi-man Jack began by shoring up the old chimney and applying tar around it’s sides to stop leaks which had already caused much damage inside.  Since that day I estimate that we have averaged one day a week (approximately 52 full days) working on the old house.  If you consider the progress we have made in that amount of time, it is quite amazing.