A house in the country is not the same as a country house. ~Gertrude Stein

Oct 30, 2010 - Before

The old farmhouse that we are attempting to preserve had humble beginnings and we do not aspire that it will ever be more than what it began to be. Like many structures of it day and in its geographical (rural) location, its primary purpose was not to be a show piece, but to provide shelter. Much of the construction was rudimentary. Yet, the materials used in the construction of these old homes (and barns) were often far superior to those of today. The remains of these old structures dotting the rural landscape, with their lop-sided windows and doors and rusty tin roofs, are evidence of their endurance.

Rusty tin roofs are synonymous with old farmhouses and barns and, while quaint in their appearance, are evidence of deterioration which begins at the top and works its way down. Such was the roof on the farmhouse. The last time it received extensive attention (other than an occasional patch here or there) was approximately thirty years ago. Like much of the rest of the house, it was long overdue for some TLC.

Handi-man Jack employed his talents (and muscle) to the preservation of the tin on the farmhouse over the past two weekends — three full days– applying twenty plus gallons of aluminum cool-seal to its many valleys, pitches and steep inclines. Granted, it is still an old tin roof, but the new coat of paint is such a noticeable improvement to the entire  house, ensuring its continued longevity.

10/8/2011 - first section

10/8/2011 - second section

10/8/2011 - third section

end of day one

10/14/2011 - Day 2

End of Day 2

Handi-Man Jack

"new" roof

Cassie and I worked on windows (of course).

Cassie Prepping Windows

"Wilson" applying glazing putty

Post Script: It was one year ago this weekend (October 22, 2010) that my dad (then owner of the farmhouse) asked if we wanted to do anything with the old house. (I think it truly was his intention to light a match to it!) We (Jack and I, along with my sister, Pam) decided to save the old homestead.  Looking back at my journal from that date, I wrote: -new possible project – “restoring” grandmother’s house to a retro guest, family overflow / events house. Trying to be realistic, but have lots of ideas!

Although my dad would have never put as much time, effort and money into the old place as we have, he has taken much interest and a bit of pride in seeing his old home place being put back to right.