It is official. Six windows can be deemed complete – or as complete as old windows can be in an old house.  I’m still touching up chipped paint here, or wiping a pane there.  And a sash that was previously very loose insists on sticking when it is raised.

And to bring things into perspective:  it has taken no less than five months to complete six windows. (Note: we average working at the farmhouse one day a week, so maybe that’s not so bad.)

There were times that I despaired that I would ever be able to say that any of the windows were “finished”.  It was always that I lacked just one or more things.  But, at this point I can say that I have finished the five windows in the galley and the one window in the privy and have moved on to the four in the bunkhouse (bedroom). Two of the windows there, those under the porch overhang, are in good form.  But the two exposed windows to the south will require extensive repairs – a whole new set of window restoration skills to learn.

Only eleven more to go. How’s that for a little perspective.