This is my super-hero daughter, Cassie (sans the cape), on the anniversary of her 27th birthday. Twenty-seven years ago I labored on Labor Day to deliver a beautiful, pudgy 9.1 pound baby girl on September 3rd. She was a pleasant baby – sleeping all night from about the age of 3 weeks, sharing her toys without prompting or fuss, and generally just a happy baby. She has grown into a beautiful young woman with as pleasant a demeanor. She, like her younger sister earlier this year (April), wanted to spend her birthday working on the farmhouse. It truly has become a family project – something we all seem to enjoy putting weekend hours into in  anticipation of the finished product.

Cassie, however, is a self-proclaimed klutz and came away from her weekend labors with a few cuts and punctures (evidenced by “farmhouse first-aid” – a paper towel wrapped around the leg and held in place with black electrical tape).

installing more air "conditioning" units

Labor Day ushered in Tropical Storm Lee as he traveled up from the gulf coast, bringing much needed rain and much cooler, less humid air. It will be a welcomed break to be able to work in the old farmhouse without the record-breaking heat. Yet, the cooler days are a reminder that our restoration efforts for the remainder of this year are growing limited. In the meantime, we utilize the hours allotted to us to complete the tasks that can be accomplished.