A condition primarily associated with the writing profession, writer’s block affects the creator’s ability to produce new work.  The issue may be related to one or several causes. It may be simply that the creator has run out of inspiration. The creator may be distracted or may think that something needs to be done beforehand.  The project may be misconceived, or beyond the creator’s experience or ability.

I think I may be experiencing writer’s block. Not that I’ve run out of inspiration — my creative juices are flowing just fine! My “block” is more one of time and resources.  As a novice blogger, I feel that I need to post at least once a week.  However, it is difficult to post progress of the restoration of an old farmhouse when little to no progress is being made.  It is hard to write when there’s little to write about.

Garreth & Callie at the Shenandoah Valley Overlook, VA

The second weekend of this month: a 2,000+/- mile round trip to VA in 6 days. Drove up. Flew back. Delivered and unpacked our youngest and her husband to a new chapter of their lives – he doctoral school and she to a job (hopefully soon) in a new city (Richmond) in a new state (Virginia). We wish them the best in their cute little apartment on Boulevard.  It is a beautiful area – just avoid travel on I-95 South, coming back from Washington!

More current weekends: “handi-man” works for the railroad. And railroads are worse than the United States Postal Service when it comes to working in inclement weather.  Rain, sleet, doom of night, 100+ degree heat – your worst weather scenario, a railroader will be on the scene.  Most of the time that is my husband you’ll see out there on the tracks (JK!).

We have accomplished very little at the farmhouse during the month of August.  We did tack up some weather-stripping and stops on the bank of three windows in the kitchen.  I’m frustrated that I simply cannot get the two remaining windows in the kitchen completed.  I am so, so close, but yet so far.  If we could just get a few things moving along, then I could make progress on a few more areas – plumbing in the bath, ceiling in the bath, patching drywall in the bedroom.  Did I mention seven additional windows? When you can only work one day a week on the project, the progress is agonizingly slow. Several things need to be accomplished before many things can even begin.

I think I can term my condition “want to move ahead quickly in the restoration of an old farmhouse, but am unable to do so due to metaphysical blockages”. (Warning: with me, there is rarely a deficiency of words.)

I’m looking forward to cooler weather, yet dreading the cold. We still have the months of September, October and November to get as much restoration accomplished as possible before December and January runs us inside for winter. (I’m write this last paragraph mostly for my benefit – I need to be able to put things in perspective, time-wise.)