Jack and I have had the pleasure of our children being home for the past few weeks as the oldest prepared to return to her teaching position (HS English), and the youngest and her husband prepare to move to Richmond, Virgina to further his studies (journalism). I am so proud of my children, their accomplishments, their dreams and goals. The oldest has been accepted to grad school, the youngest has just finished her master’s and the son-in-law is seeking his doctorate. They are all so much wiser than their parents were or ever hope to be.

It has been a sweet time. A time to connect, reconnect and to create new, treasured memories to sustain looming extended absences.  We’ve engaged in shared cooking and eating of meals, outings, movie-watching and -going, simply hanging out, and periods of working on the farmhouse with a crew of various family members.

This past week all five of the Daniel clan, along with my sister, Pam, and her daughter, Anna-Page, made a noticeable dent in the ongoing restoration of the old home.  There was continued work on windows (that will be a given for many more months), as well as laying sub-flooring in the bedroom (bunkhouse) and caulking and priming beadboard in the privy.  I am beginning to see progress in the “putting back” instead of the constant “tearing out”.  Not to mislead. There is a great deal yet to do.  But, it is good to actually see the outline of what will one day be.

As Callie and Garreth embark on another chapter in their lives, we deliver them with mixed emotions. We are excited about the adventures that are ahead for them, yet will tenderly miss their immediate presence.  We eagerly anticipate their future visits home and times of family gatherings in the old farmhouse.

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