Old tin roof, leaves in the gutter
A hole in the screen door big as your fist, and flies on the butter.

Flies on the Butter by Linley Taylor (click link to hear song at YouTube)

See also, Flies on the Butter by Denise Hildreth which is a thought provoking read about going back home.

Glazing, Light (i.e., window pane)

You see a fly on the glass because there is now (some) glass back in my kitchen windows. (All the fingerprints and smudges are from the glazing putty which will clean up later.)

I spent 8 hours Saturday working on, you guessed it — windows.  Windows will be where I’ll camp out for a while.  Jack continued work on shoring up the foundation, but I, again, was on windows.  I was able to get a coat of paint on the interior of the bank of three windows directly behind the kitchen sink, then moved outside to try my hand at installing the three “lights” or (panes of glass, also known as “glazing”) in the upper sash.  (I’m schooling myself to use the correct terms of the parts of a window.)  The panes of glass are held in place with glazing points, after which glazing putty is applied with a special tool all around the perimeter of the glass.  My first couple panes seemed to take a while, but by the third one I was kinda getting the hang of it.

I ran out of time on Saturday but, wanting to get the upper sashes on the bank of three windows to the same point in restoration, I ran back up Sunday morning and installed the six panes in the two other windows and made quick work (only 2 hours) of applying the glazing putty.  I seem to  have figured out how to work the putty in and quickly get the beveled edge all around each muntin with the handy dandy tool.  Now the putty has to sit for 7 to 14 days before it and the exterior gets another coat of primer, and then at least two coats of paint.  During the wait I will get the glass back in the lower sashes, which is just one large “light”. And be ready to install the new v-spring bronze weatherstripping and the stops.

Now to repeat this process … how many times? More than I care to count! We started scraping paint on the five windows in the kitchen on April 2nd.  It will soon be 3 months and I might have 3 windows completed at the end of that time.  I think I better hurry up!

We did receive a gift of some salvaged windows to replace some very badly damaged ones in the dining room. I’ll share more on that progress as we get into that room.