Many hands make quick work of the task(s) at hand.

This past weekend we had the pleasure of Jack’s cousin, Randy Lawrence, dropping in to lend a hand on old farmhouse restoration.  Randy owns his own company and is a painting contractor and general repairman in the Memphis, TN area.  He showed up, shewed us away to eat some lunch and got busy putting a coat of primer on the sheetrock in the privy.  Afterwards he lent himself to whatever task could be found to do.  Around the farmhouse, there are no shortage of tasks.  We have invited Randy to drop by anytime!

Friday afternoon I scraped paint and all manner of “adhesives” off the old glass salvaged from the windows.  Satur-Day and Sunday morning was spent putting on a coat of primer on the bank of three windows in the kitchen.  It’s amazing how much a little paint can change the look of things.  Jack installed one of three ceiling fans which makes a noticeable difference in the “wind chill” seeing as how there is no A/C in the house.

Was a good weekend with much progress made.

If eyes are the window to the soul, windows are the soul of a house. -unknown.