Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.William Shakespeare

I haven’t “written” in a while except to paste a couple of posts from other inspirational blogs. I usually post once a week, detailing our adventures in old farmhouse restoration, but the month of May was crazy and far too long.

There were more damaging storms in and around the State. Then there was mother’s day and my youngest daughter, Callie’s, graduation with a Masters Degree from the School of Journalism at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). And Jesus was suppose to have returned for the rapture.  Oh wait, was that in May?  I somehow missed that.

In addition to old farmhouse restoration, the ministry in which my husband and I are involved moved to a larger facility, requiring renovation, remodeling, cleaning, moving and organization of that building.

Yet, we managed to continue work on the farmhouse and make some very slow progress.  Jack was able to get sheetrock on all the walls in the privy during the first of the month and taped and mudded during the latter part of the month.  Callie, Garreth and friend, Nick Toce, were home for a few days during the middle of the month.  The guys removed old floor tile and carpeting from most of the rooms, while Callie worked on the never ending saga of stripping windows (kitchen).  Cassie and I were able to work more on kitchen windows during the Memorial Day weekend.  The window frames are now relatively void of paint on the inside and out.  The glass has been removed from the sashes and we are really close to rebuilding those five windows.

Cassie asked me over the weekend if I planned to do this much work on all the windows. (We lack 11 larger ones, and some of those are going to require more extensive work.)  And yes, as stupid as I am, that is my plan. But I believe that once they are all restored, the windows will probably last longer than the old house.

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