shower >noun  a brief and usually light fall of rain or snow.

April’s showers would be better termed “April deluge.”   April’s rainfall totals for this area of NE Mississippi total in excess of 11 inches in 8 days (23″+ YTD).  Much damage to life and property was wrought with April’s weather patterns.  One can only hope that with May’s advent we can look forward to calmer, dryer, sunnier days — and humidity.  As Hal Bourland said, “April is a promise that May is bound to keep.”

Work continued this past week on the farmhouse.  Jack was able to get insulation (a first for the farmhouse) on the exterior wall and decking over the sub-floor in the bathroom.

Pam and the kids came Friday afternoon and much work ensued on Saturday.  Everyone seemed to have a hand in the work.  Pam on cabinets, Daddy and John-Mark on termite “sawdust”, and me (and Pam) on windows. Note: when removing “melted on” contact paper from drawers and cabinets, use a blow dryer to release the glue.

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The privy is two steps closer to getting sheetrock and plumbing.

On another note this past Sunday was Decoration Day at Rutledge Salem Cemetery where my Grandmother (Cleo), Gramps (Olen) and Uncle (Bunk), and many other ancestors have been laid to rest.   Although we were unable to gather at the farmhouse this year, the Pages descendents did get together at my Dad’s (James Ray) for a time of fellowship.  Maybe next year we can all gather at the old home place.

“It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn. ”
–  B. C. Forbes