Ever start a project only to learn something new? To start a project you initially had an idea to throw around. I had one of those.

When we first started the farmhouse restoration (late October 2010) I had the naive idea that we’d go in, clean up, repair a few things and have the farmhouse back to it’s glowing reminder of yesteryear by the first of May (2011). Yesterday, I was reminded of my grandiose idea. Hah! What WAS I thinking!?!

Our one day a week workday consisted of Jack working in the privy — again. However he did accomplish getting the sub-floor back in. A definite accomplishment after months of having holes everywhere from removing rotted boards.  In addition to the repair of rotted wood, he has repaired and rerouted plumbing.  Basically the bathroom has turned into a complete rebuild.

I, on the other hand, began (that’s a novel word) window restoration in the kitchen – five (5!) double hung windows. I learned that the window restoration process is going to take much, much longer than I ever anticipated.  I worked six (6!) hours on attempting to remove years and years and years of layers and layers and layers of paint. And that was only on the interior of ONE window.  In addition to the five windows in the kitchen, there are eleven (11!) longer windows in the remainder of the house. What was I thinking!?!

Yep. I’m learning a lot during the restoration of This Old Farmhouse. The thought has come to mind that we probably won’t be finished with the restoration by NEXT May! Now, that’s what I’m thinking!

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