This past Saturday was another beautiful day to spend working at the farmhouse. All the children came home, and it is just a given that we work on the farmhouse on any pretty weekend.  April 2nd happened to be Callie’s 24th birthday and her wish was to work on the farmhouse. It was fulfilled. Happy Birthday baby girl!

The guys worked on the never ending saga of the privy restoration — seems like every time you uncover something in that little space you find more wrong.  We girls began work on restoring the old windows in the kitchen.  They seem salvageable (more economical and true to the period than buying replacement windows).  With a little more scraping, striping, sanding, caulking, glazing, and repainting, the windoww should be as good, if not better, than new.  The thrifty female DIYer at has been my inspiration for saving the windows instead of replacing them.  I’ll ignore that she has been working on her windows since 2005.

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