For weeks and weeks and weeks the weather has been horrendous — cold and snow and snow and cold. Very little sunshine.  Needless to say I have suffered from what can only be defined as the winter doldrums. I have been lethargic. When I’m not at my paying job, I sit. I move from the computer, to the chair or to the bed.  Even days when I’m off from “work”, I can find no motivation to do anything.  I wash clothes only when necessary.  I give the floors a “lick and a promise” just to keep the dust bunnies at bay (do not look under my couch).  I still have Christmas decor lying around that needs to be put away.  I’ve simply been in a funk.

With the warm temperatures this past week and the beautiful sunshine and rising temps this weekend, I feel reborn.  Jack and I were able to work on the farmhouse Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I feel altogether a new person. Hard work and sore muscles (and today a sun/wind burned face) were just the medicine to thaw this winter sluggishness.  Swinging a hammer and bustin up walls went a long way in easing recent frustrations.  Heck, I didn’t just whistle while I worked, I sang out loud (and off key)!  I’m kinda like the bulbs and blooms who are already peeping their heads above ground.  They are ready to burst free of their dormant, hibernating skins and get busy doing something!  In the past three days I may have regained my sanity!

Jack tore off the roof over the add-on bathroom and put in new boards and lathing to replace rotting ones.  Then down went new tar paper and flashing, and then new tin.  Inside the bathroom, I tore out the remaining Sheetrock.  I’ve decided that there has been a war going on within the walls and attic space of the farmhouse for decades. The wasps and dirt-daubers were trying to keep the house together while the termites and rot were trying to tear it down.  The termites (hopefully have given up and moved on) coupled with water have left lots of damage. Tearing out the Sheetrock revealed lots of work to be done. And although we have moved the dirt daubers and wasps out, we will win this war. Spring is around the corner.

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