My children came home for my birthday and, among other gifts, offered and actually wanted to work on the farmhouse. Although I did very little other than offer supervisory advice, it was good to see some “progress” being made. In addition to some “corrective” work (i.e., adding previously non-existent cut off valves to waterlines at sinks and toilet, and the girls beginning the process of cleaning the old gas stove), there was more demolition. (Does demolition count as progress?)

We removed the toilet (which hopefully is salvageable) to find that there was nothing holding it above ground except maybe the drain pipe on which it was sitting, and the fact that it rested against a wall.  All the flooring beneath was rotten.  Garreth tore out cabinets in the kitchen, cutting a space for the new-old frig, only to find more rot in the floor.  Since the bath and the kitchen are adjacent to each other, and the bath was once the back porch, we hope that years of a leaky roof over the bath add-on with the water running down what used to be exterior walls caused the rot in the floors and that it is limited to just around this area.  We hope.  At some point, demolition will cease and restoration will begin. I hope.