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I do not care for winter. It is my least favorite of all the seasons.  And, I do not remember why we started this restoration project on the eve of winter, except that after receiving the “go ahead”, we eagerly jumped in with all feet (picture a hot summer day and a body of water).  I don’t think that anyone anticipated winter arriving so soon and with such force! The calendar hasn’t even announced its advent!

Accordingly, due to “winter” related setbacks, we have not been able to work on the farmhouse for several weeks.  This does not sit well with me. In fact, I do not “sit” well.  I have a need to stay busy, a project going, and I like for the project to be making progress.

So, what does one do when one can do nothing else?  Dream. I spend lots of my spare time, and some not so spare, imagining, designing and decorating the rooms of the farmhouse.  I tear pictures out of magazines, I research the era, I jot down ideas.  And, I buy.  Silverplate flatware, something my grandmother could never have afforded, but I’m sure would have liked to have had.  But it’s antique and beautiful, so it’ll fit well in the old home place (I’m sure Cleo dreamed too).   My most recent purchase is a working 1949 GE refrigerator like the one my grandmother had in the kitchen. I literally searched the world over (eBay) and found a replica in Ohio.  Wonderful man there is going to bring it to me!!

Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius. ~Pietro Aretino

I do not like cold or winter, but I can dream…