If you check a thesaurus for the word “handyman” it returns “jack of all trades”. That’s my Jack. He, like his father before him, is a fixer of all things.

My father-in-law taught his son well. My Jack still talks about the things that his dad taught him and the words of advice about doing a particular job. There are times My Jack will say he wishes he’d paid more attention to the way his dad did something — the way he wired something, plumbed something…. And Jack, Sr. never wanted any pay for his work and generally would not take any if it was offered. It was just his way. In return for his handy-work he received far greater rewards than money. He was well liked and spoken of by everyone (Proverbs 22:1).

And so it is with my Jack. He has tackled the restoration and renovation of the old farmhouse with a fervor. Last week he was on the roof. Today he was under the house insulating pipes before the cold. (And I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d want to be under a nearly 100 year old house with very little crawl space! Creepy!) [Note: I’d post a picture, but it was far too dark under there!]

I’m very thankful for my husband – my handyman, Jack. You are an awesome general contractor and very handy to have around!