My paternal grandfather and grandmother (Gramps and Grandmother – James Olen and Cleo Tennison Page) always lived in the same house when I was a child, an old farmhouse in very rural Tishomingo County, Mississippi.  The house was built between 1900 and 1920 by a man whose brother built a similar house on the adjoining hill.  Both houses still stand today. My father (James Ray Page), born in 1937 just a little ways up the road from the old farmhouse, was raised in the old house.  He lives just below the old house today and now owns the old home.

Memories of visits to the Gramps and Grandmother’s (and it was old even then) are filled with country cooking — fresh peas, lumpy creamed potatoes, fried pies and German chocolate cake — and nights spent sleeping on feather mattresses with a load of quilts piled on top.  All the grandchildren (and even the great-grandchildren) never left the house while Grandmother was living without a small plastic bag of Vanilla Wafers and possibly some miniature marshmallows. Gramps called Grandmother Eddie, and in fact had a nickname for all living things – humans and animals alike.

After Gramps passed, the old home went down.  After Grandmother’s passing, my first cousin (Richard Page), his wife and children lived in the home for a short time; but there was very little upkeep invested in the old house.  With my cousin’s moving, the old home now stands vacant, inviting a new beginning.